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Welcome to the new website

Welcome to our Website!  Around the first of the year in 2012 you will see some significant changes that we hope will make even better!

The words that keep ringing in my ear are transition and changes.  CRASIF has seen plenty of it the last year and anticipate more of it the next couple of years.  We recently hired an experienced workers’ compensation administrator and are continuing to look at ways to work together with MCRCSIP.The board anticipates changes in our staffing structure due primarily to retirements and other opportunities.  We anticipate positive changes in the workers’ compensation laws as lawmakers make major revisions to the workers’ compensation act for the first time since 1912.  Cost savings and more efficient operations without sacrificing quality service have become our mantra.  Fortunately, prudent fiscal management of our boards throughout our existence has allowed us to keep rates stable during times of financial uncertainty.

Outside of the world of CRASIF, there are legislative changes affecting the very existence of road commissions in the state.  The lack of funding for our state’s roads continues to whittle away financial support for our agencies as well as the conditions of our roads.  

Despite all the changes, be assured of CRASIF’s unchangeable commitment to provide our members with stable rates and the best of services and coverage that we can afford.  The world may be changing around us, but CRASIF will continue to be there for our employees’ workers’ compensation needs.

Joyce Randall
Board Chair
Managing Director
Mecosta County Road Commission