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Watch Videos from our Website!

Check out our latest new feature in our Members Only Section at The following videos can now be watch from the convenience of your computer:  Risk Control with YOU in Mind (two sessions – 20 min & 5 min.),  The Anatomy of a Workers’ Compensation Claim (two 20 min. sessions), Website Tour: Portal of Information (13 min.), and Facilitation – The Art of Claim Resolution (two 20 min. sessions). These sessions are the ones given at the July Annual Membership Meeting.

Get to the videos by clicking on the CRASIF Shared Resources folder and then clicking on the “Looking for a Video – Click here for a list” folder. A document appears that lists the videos. Click on the link below the video’s name. It will take you to the video. If you have issues getting to them or seeing them, please call Lisa Heads at 810.844.8112.