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Our Mission

 Reduce the potential for disability and loss of life in the workplace

Established in 1978, the County Road Association Self Insurance Fund, CRASIF, is a group of 74 county road commissions who have joined together to provide workers compensation insurance for over 4,000 employees. The success of this Fund is outstanding. Providing the required insurance at lower than commercial rates (discounts of premiums to member counties since 1978 is over 12 million dollars). Of the remaining premium dollars paid to the Fund, over 51 million dollars has been returned to member counties. Service provided to member counties by the Fund via the third party administrator include, but are not limited to, safety inspections, regional safety seminars, educational safety materials (i.e. videos, printed material, safety manual, etc), and in-house training sessions.


If you are not a member, we invite you to contact our administrator for a quote & further information on services provided.

CRASIF serves only road commissions in the State of Michigan. A nine member board of trustees are elected from member counties to oversee the Fund. The trustees are elected from different regions of the state to serve three year terms. The by-laws of CRASIF require two trustees from the Southern Association, two from the Northern Association and 2 from the UP Road Builders. The remaining three trustees are elected at large from any member county in the state. Trustees must be a commissioner or administrative staff employee of a member county. The present composite of the board is six commissioners and three management members.

In addition to the nine trustees of CRASIF, there are three staff members.  Jim deSpelder, JD ARM, is the new CRASIF administrator effective January 1, 2011, and will manage the operation of the Fund.  Jim is also an attorney with expertise in insurance law and managing group self-insurance funds.  Dale Ruttan is treasurer of the Fund and was formerly the Finance Director at the Ingham County Road Commission.  Janet Aemisegger, Office Manager-Clerk of the Hillsdale County Road Commission, currently serves as secretary for the Fund.

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