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Got Risk Control?

Got Risk Control??  One of the many advantages of being a member of CRASIF is our risk control resources.  Our best resource is our two Risk Consultants, Allen Roden and Melanie Green.  They travel around the state providing safety training tailored specifically for road commissions.  Steve Lucas, Managing Director of Cass CRC, recently sent us this note:

“Hi Jim

I wanted to pass on some positive encouragement to Al Roden and Melanie Greene. Al has been to the Cass County Road Commission several times providing training and inspections since the partnership with CRASIF. We were introduced to Melanie last fall when she provided training to our staff. Both Al and Melanie have great personalities that allow them to deliver their message and keep the trainees attention. As we all know not all subject matter can peak everyone’s interest but they find a way to accomplish it. Al is a wealth of knowledge in the subject matter and through the delivery his passion for safety shows loud and clear. Although Melanie has only visited us once her passion was evident throughout the entire training. I have never received any complaints from employees about the training provided by either of them and in fact have received positive comments. Please let them know that the Cass County Road Commission employee’s greatly appreciate both of them. Knowledge is powerful and through their teaching our employees work in a much safer environment.”

Need more training or safety audits?  Contact Al at or Melanie at  Get Risk Control!  See those workers’ compensation claims go down.