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1978 June An interim Board of Trustees is named until elections can be held.  The first interim board was comprised of:
William Burchfield, Chairman, Ingham
Orval Cutshaw, Secretary-Treasurer, Emmet
Ray Newman, Genesee
Roy Rodd, Emmet
E.R. Amble, Luce
James Gilbo, Leelanau
Ralph Hornbeck, Berrien
Ervin Richter, Crawford
1978 July 1 First day of workers’ compensation coverage. CRASIF (aka the “Fund”) consists of 32 charter road commissions generating an annual premium of $1,964,000.
1978 August First meeting of the membership.  The following persons were elected to the Board and the following board positions:
Dean DeLaMater, Eaton, Chair
Douglas McFarlane, Isabella, Vice Chair
Mack Rabourn, Muskegon, Secretary and Treasurer
Ralph Hornbeck, Berrien
Donald Holt, Chippewa
Philip Noble, Alpena
Herbert Larkin, Kalamazoo
James Gilbo, Leelanau
E.R. Amble, Luce

Earl Rogers, Engineer-Director of the County Road Association, named first administrator.

1981 First refunds issued to eligible members.
1984 June Earl Rogers resigns as administrator.
Mr. Robert J. Field designated as new administrator.
Annese Ashton named as the assistant to the Secretary.
1986 April Robert J. Fields resigns as administrator.
Mr. Ken Cook becomes acting administrator.
1986 May Mr. Duncan Rabourn becomes interim administrator; later becomes permanent Administrator.
1999 Dec Ms. Janet Aemisegger becomes the Board Secretary.
2000 Sept Ken Cook resigns as Treasurer.
Mr. Dale Ruttan becomes the Finance and Services Officer.
2008 July Fund grows to 74 members.
2010 Aug Mr. James deSpelder becomes administrator in waiting.
2010 Dec Mr. Duncan Rabourn ends relationship with CRASIF as administrator.
The Fund has grown to 74 members with assets of $32 million dollars and member’s equity of $23 million dollars.  Annual contributions total $6 million dollars.  Fund members have received $13 million in contribution discounts and over $53 million in refunds since 1978.
2011 Jan Jim deSpelder becomes Fund Administrator.
2012 June Jim deSpelder becomes first employee of CRASIF.
Dale Ruttan ends relationship with CRASIF after 12 years of service.
2012 August Doris Baakko is hired to fill the position of Accountant / Administrative Assistant.
2013 July PFM Asset Management replaces Fifth-Third as investment manager.
2014 July Mackinaw Administrators LLC replaces The ASU Group as the Fund’s claims and risk control third party administrator.

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